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Love and prayers going out to the Castillo & Rivera families, as Audrey Mariana's 1st birthday approaches. You are loved!
Michelle B Castillo Thank you so much for doing this for us Audrey loved birds so i know she will be loving every second of it ❤
02 June 2016, 18:36
LoneStar White Dove Release - Austin, TX I'm honored to be included as part of a day that is so sacred. I look forward to making this special and memorable for your family!
02 June 2016, 18:40
Patti Ibarra Beautiful Baby you will always be missed. Gods little Angel xoxo
02 June 2016, 19:02
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Mark Green served families at Capital Parks Funeral Home for 25 years. On the day of his own service, just 5 minutes before it began, God gave us this!
LoneStar White Dove Release - Austin, TX feeling thankful.
Janeen Schneider Oh wow!
01 April 2016, 20:06
Cheryl Hobby Winters Yes, I too saw this beautiful sign in the sky. The service today was beautifully done. He left us better, knowing him.
01 April 2016, 22:17
Donna Wilhelm Dunham Beautiful !
04 April 2016, 01:27
Janet Shuttlesworth How beautiful to be reminded of God's promise on this day to honor Mark's life.
04 April 2016, 02:04
Patty Gomez Enriquez Amazing !!!
04 April 2016, 03:46
LoneStar White Dove Release - Austin, TX
Sad to have to say goodbye to this friend. Mark Green was a kind soul who's spirit reflected God's will. Love and prayers to Mark's family. He will be missed.
LoneStar White Dove Release - Austin, TX updated their profile picture.
Karen Hendrix We have used your services twice....and what you do is unbelievably comforting and healing! We love you!!!!
31 March 2016, 00:53
This happened this morning! First babies of 2016.
Carolyn P. Woodul How cool. I have to come visit your doves, Rebecca Bratton.
02 March 2016, 00:56